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DTRL – Engineering mechanics support in its broadest sense

Delft Technology & Research Laboratories provides a variety of services in the field of engineering mechanics. We are proud of 20+ years of experience in engineering, research and mechanical testing. Our activities cover marine and offshore, defence, aerospace, automotive and process industry. As a relatively small scale company we are highly flexible and take advantage of a direct communication, both with our clients as well as related partners. Through our relations with several knowledge and test institutes we’re able to connect specific resources to achieve a dedicated solution responding to your specific needs.


We offer a variety of services to support your projects; both as lump sum contract or based on a consultancy fee.


DTRL supports on mechanical/structural engineering using applicable rules & standards, incorporating static strength and fatigue loading conditions. More sophisticated loading conditions can be considered such as dynamic and accidental loadings, as well as thermal loads (heat transfer and thermal stress analyses). Engineering tools vary from Excel hand-calculations, dedicated engineering software tools to finite element calculations and multiphysics analyses.

Research & Innovation

DTRL has considerable expertise in systematic analysis of your specific problem, defining an approach to find the solution. Research fields are e.g.: nonlinear & dynamic analyses, plasticity and failure, crash, impact and explosion loading, high strain rate material behaviour, FEM modelling, analytical solutions, dedicated analysis tools.

Testing services

DTRL performs testing and analysis such as: fracture mechanics testing, fatigue, impact, high strain rate, microscopic and chemical analysis. We perform a variety of testing services, through our relation with Delft University of Technology and other test institutes in the Netherlands or abroad. We have considerable experience in specialized structural testing and test design.