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DTRL has its roots in two prominent technical universities in the Netherlands. The founder, Gersom Pape, graduated from Twente University in 1997. He spent several years of research and wrote his doctor’s thesis on the subject of behaviour of materials under dynamic loading conditions at the Institute for Materials Research of the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. His work is valued by external research institutes.


DTRL is a high tech company that is specialized in solving specific problems in the field of mechanical engineering and research. Theoretical and experimental analysis of stress and deformation, especially at dynamic loading conditions, requires highly specialized skills and equipment.
DTRL has built up considerable expertise in this area and has access to the world’s most advanced testing equipment to help you solve a wide variety of engineering problems based on the behaviour of materials under dynamic stress conditions. Theoretical modelling and finite element calculations support the experimental results.

A wide variety of loading conditions can be analyzed. For example DTRL can perform tensile tests from static conditions up to strain rates as high as 500 per second and analyze them theoretically. High speed photographic techniques are used to visualize the deformation at high strain rates. Other possible testing methods concern bending, fatigue and drop weight load conditions. The experimental results can be applied for the derivation of material characteristics to be used in finite element calculations. Experimental data can be analyzed and fitted by applying appropriate models from literature. DTRL’s experience in the field of materials science and engineering has yielded many contacts with the world’s most prominent researchers and research centers. This provides the possibility to use specific and sometimes unique testing equipment available elsewhere in Europe.

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