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Birdimpact on Glare®

Glare® is a fibre-metal laminate being applied in the new Airbus A380 and consists of several layers of aluminium and fiberglass composite. In case of bird strike on the leading edges of wings and tail of the aircraft, the material experiences very high and concentrated impact loads. The purpose of this project is to measure the strength of Glare at high impact velocities. From an extensive experimental program the strength properties of several types of Glare are being measured. A relation between the impact velocity (or strain rate) and the strength has been derived. It was found from this project that Glare exhibits excellent impact properties which makes it suitable for rapid loading and high strain rate applications.

Methods used:

  • High strain rate tensile testing
  • High speed film analysis
  • Image processing
  • Strain gauge measurements
  • Dynamometer load measurement


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