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TNO – Delft University of Technology

During a PhD project the fracture behaviour of ship steel was investigated at low and high strain rates. A high strain rate experimental facility was developed including high speed film analysis. Both the deformation and fracture behaviour of ship steel Fe E 355 E KN EU 156 Mod have been analysed and numerical models were evaluated for ductile failure predictions including strain rate effects.

Applied methods & software:

  • Abaqus / Marc-Mentat
  • Material experiments stiatic / high strain rate
  • High speed film analysis
  • Microscopy (SEM, optical)
  • Chemical composition analysis

The pictures show SEM microscopy images of ferrite-perlite material structure and fracture surfaces. A manganese inclusion as initiatior of microsopic holes is shown as well as a cross section with hole distribution at large strains prior to fracture of a tensile sample.



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